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Right? I was on assistance for about a year (food stamps) and I sure wasn't eating any filet mignon for breakfast, lunch, and, dinner everyday. I've got a hard time believing anyone buying a single new car (let alone multiple cars) while on assistance isn't making a sacrifice somewhere else in their life. Like probably living in that car.

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Yeah, really dude, don't do it. If you haven't seen it for the 12 years that it's been on the internet, don't go looking for it.

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Hey, hypothetically speaking, couldn't you have just shown up at the other flight and checked in with your ticket, then say "Be right back. I have to use the bathroom" and then just never came back?

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I'm not the right person, but I just finished watching your show and was laughing throughout. I think you've got a shot.

And yeah, high school has been done to death. From Beverly Hills 90210 to whatever new thing is on the CW.

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No he didn't. Travel from Iraq slowed in the six months but it was never stopped.