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Don Ohlmeyer

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I know I can submit this as a story idea on the website, but.. gun to your head: how do you feel about suburbia's ubiquitous fake shutters?

They always baffled me as a child- there were houses with fake shutters, and houses with no shutters, but I never saw a house with shutters.

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Oh, these are great. Tangentially, have y'all ever considered doing a crossover/collaboration with the guys at "Ask This Old House"? I feel like some of the topics 99pi covers would make for interesting segments on ATOH. I also think Tom Silva and/or Norm Abrams would be a great interview for your show.

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This reminds me of https://uglybelgianhouses.tumblr.com/archive

I suggest viewing it chronologically from oldest to newest, if you're not already familiar with the site. It's a whole collection of "just, why?"

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Horror movies and sports are two areas where the history of the thing is more entertaining to me than the thing itself.