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Sounds like a mild penile fracture.


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Hair transplants are autografts. They either remove a strip of skin from the back of the scalp and dissect it into individual follicular units or use a special tool to harvest them from all around the unaffected area of the scalp. When people talk about "plugs" they mean very old procedures where large chunks of scalp were punched out and transplanted, giving the appearance of doll hair. It looks much more natural now, there's just a limited supply of donor hair.

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I remember watching an ITV piece about you ages ago from when you worked in the US. One thing that still sticks out in my mind was a conversation you had with a judge on camera where you were talking about how inequality in legal representation can dramatically affect the outcome of a trial. The judge was practically joking about it and saying it was just the "luck of the draw" whether you got a good lawyer and that was perfectly fine, and you said "sir, we're talking about life or death here" which shut him up quickly. Is this kind of attitude something you often come across in the legal system?

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Have you worked with herding breeds other than border collies much? I notice you mention in another comment they can be sensitive, but having done years of herding training with my WL GSD, he is absolutely nothing like a border collie. My trainer's border collies will move off a withering gaze like you practically booted them up the arse, but my GSD thinks being bonked on the head with a foam covered stick is great fun.

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I think you're confusing me with someone else because the only question I've asked is whether OP has worked with other herding breeds.