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Who pressured you into doing this AMA?

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Thank you for this AMA Col. Hadfield,

Considering how small the ISS is relative to how large an enveloping space it orbits, this may be irrelevant, however how do you avoid space debris?

As an ancillary question: how strong is the "skin" of the ISS; could a crewman compromise its integrity?

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Did you have any sort of paradigm to your writing?

Also a selfish request: would you mind writing a creative sentence or two addressed to me: I had a 200 dollar bet years ago that I would one day get RA Salvatore to write for me. Of-course I never thought that would ever happen...

Also I really enjoy your writing, thank you.

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I don't understand why the budget has been allocated solely to Mars lately when Europa seems to be the prime candidate for life, if life so exists elsewhere in our solar system?

Thank you for your work at NASA; what an incredibly inspirational place.

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Can I buy one from you?