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I was browsing some site a while back that was making the case that speed limiters can get you in an accident/killed in the event of blowout. I guess you're supposed to speed up or get on the gas when a tire blows in order to maintain control. Is this true?

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Not a veteran, but I work closely with a few daily and have met many amazing ones in my trade.

First, a lot of respect for what you're doing sir, I can't say I support the wars and what not (that's on the politicians), but I have the utmost respect for those who served/are serving and find it appalling how the government treats our vets when they come back. So props to you for picking up that torch.

Just a question/suggestion- do you encourage vets to look at professional education (associates/bachelors/masters) and those types of white collar careers the same as blue collar trades? I ask because I'm a welder, and there's many vets I've met and they all say they enjoy the sense of camaraderie and brotherhood of the job like they did the military (obviously the military is tighter though). One in particular I know, a recon marine sniper, will openly say he couldn't make it in the white collar world, but really appreciates and feels like he belongs in the welding world. He doesn't have to put on an act or hide who he is.

We don't care about appearance, foul mouths (we love it actually haha), education, your background, how much money you make or what fucked up things you've seen/done in your life. If you're honest and work hard, I'll drop whatever I'm doing to help you. The military guys in welding are the most helpful and eager to jump when they see someone in need. You don't even say a word, they know.

Just something I thought I'd toss out there, some of the best guys I've met are vets. A good time to be around a damn good workers.