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So... How do you think your AMA went? Did you lose a bet or a dare that forced you to do an AMA?

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Do you have a "normal" job as well? Or are you able to support yourself through your entertainment career. I love what you do and would be happy if you were able to support yourself doing this but it's also just such a niche entertainment style. Thanks and good luck with your new venture.

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Have you guys seen hostility towards what you are doing from all of the conspiracy stuff secondary to last election? Have you had crazies threaten you thinking you are some dark state agency trying to register them for the "other party" or anything like that?

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That's the same stupid thought as "well theres already litter here, shouldn't matter if I litter as well" that selfish "someone else is going to do it anyway" idea is problematic.

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Did the VA provide these services when you returned or was this only more recently that they were helping your mind? Did they do anything to help you prepare for the transition back to civilian life?

I just bought your book on kindle and am excited to read it. Thank you and have a good day!