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THIS!! I'm so frustrated that people don't see the clear conflict if interest the ACA created here. IMO, insurers are doing their best to drive costs as high as possible because they get the same percentage of a bigger pie. Literally no one, other than a person who is not actually utilizing their insurance, is motivated to decrease cost on the system. Big pharma/hospital/insurance/ama do their best to obscure and confuse people as to who is to blame. The answer is all of them are colluding to drive up costs.

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Onlycatfud is partially correct that its a logistics complication for the hospital that is highly unlikely to see a case. The other aspects (probably) is that it isn't clinically proven to work and the value analysis committee (VAC) for each hospital has approve that they are ok buying it when it is needed. In addition, hospital VACs are usually overloaded with all sorts of decisions that are much much more likely to impact their finacial bottom line that this is a pretty low priority for them. The company really needs a internal doctor at each hospital with a lot of political clout and perseverance to push this through.

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This may be outside of your domain but what could Amazon do to give high quality, new products the attention they deserve without requiring them to resort to Astroturfing? I'm a reviewer snob and spend inordinate amount of time analyzing these reviews. Anecdotally the difficulty of finding really great new products on Amazon is becoming near impossible, especially for consumer electronics.