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When are the mobile apps coming?

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Love the UI, such a big improvement from 2013, excellent work.

My question is about the re-branding. By default the update reverts back to the 2013 UI, so users have the Lync 2013 UI, the Skype logo in the taskbar, the Lync logo in the Windows 8 start screen but the app is call S4B 2015, when the program is open its says Lync at the top, conferences are now Skype meetings, their mobile apps are still Lync 2013, and Mac is on Lync 2011.

Why not re-brand everything all at once with a small update, in its current state everything is very confusing for end users and even administrators?

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This is what our customers are dealing with as well. This rebranding we found is more painful then just updating the client. If they wanted admins to have control we should have had the option to just stop the update from an organizational level. To have the logo's, name, and meetings change, while we keep the old UI makes no sense. Also, not having the Mac or Mobile apps ready and no firm dates given is even more disruptive.

I without a doubt believe S4B/Lync is the best UC platform on the market, but the way this roll out was handled is very frustrating

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When is Lync phone edition being updated?

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Any hope for an X WING HD remake?