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bluntraumaa529 karma

Hi Don. I’d just like to let you know I’ve been collecting your many different flavours of AriZona for the past 10 years. I have amassed 65+ unique ‘Zona flavours so far, a little tougher feat when living in Canada.

I have an Arnold Palmer umbrella tattooed on my ankle! My favourite summer drink! AZ dedication.

I’ve shot lots of photos using your awesome branded merchandise and products, and AriZona has used them to promote the products online via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.

I’ve always found that to be such a great way to advertise. Put the product in the hands of customers and let them BE the ad by word of mouth, and via online posts that don’t always have to be directly from the company itself. AriZona has always been known to not show commercials! And yet they’re one of the number one to-go tea/juice brands in the world...

MY QUESTION IS: what exactly goes into choosing which flavours appear in which countries? Mostly just demand? Cultural preference for certain flavours? Some countries receive unique flavours like CARROT COWBOY COCKTAIL or PINA COLADA and others only get the standard ‘Zona staples such as green tea/lemon tea/raspberry tea/AP.