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I feel your pain. Alopecia Universalis here, nothing worked for me. Rock the bald and fuck the haters. Honestly it's crushing when you start getting regrowth only to lose it again, so I've pretty much given up on fighting it. I'll got on tofactinib Citrate when they finish human trials. Only effective treatment I've seen.

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Tunnel snakes for life!

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Well you can't get safer than wearing the PT belt. I use one instead of condoms.

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Ok reagan, that's totally going to happen.

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I think that no one is sympathetic for the gov't of Cuba, but more sympathetic to the people that the embargo harms. It's been 50 years, if it was going to topple the regime it would have. I think it might be time to let a free flow of american ideas and culture change things. Blue jeans and american music did as much to topple the Soviet Union as did our bombs and missiles.