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Hi Phil,

Awesome work, when will you allow customers access to more diagnostic tools that the NBN hides from the customers. Since there should be more tools to allow customers know when there is a drop in speeds or signal. Since Im on HFC and there was a moment when I had constant dropouts and that I was screenshotting NTD status page to proof that there was problems. This is gated by the lack of visibility on the customers end. It be nice to see more of these tools on the customers end.

Even a commandline accessible speedtest server that can be accessible to customers. I have to resort to running the browser in noheadmode and python to scrape the results.

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Well. i want my raspberry pi to monitor the speed tests and the only way to do this is use chrome and python to scrape a speedtest via the http method. Is there any plans to make the speedtest server accessible via the speedtest cli api. Even if a special token give to customers is better than making it a public server.

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Actually the signal strength isn’t visible to the customers and the NBN tech guys had access to that. The only way to see signal strength is via on the NTD but thats been blocked off in the latest firmware. It be nice to hold the NBN accountable for their layer 1 and 2 work.

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Ohhh. That sounds interesting. But none the less. Maybe allow the aussiespeed test server to be accessible to via CLI rather than a webportal would be nice.