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Where/how do you get the LEGO to sell? Do you purchase directly from LEGO, assorted loose pieces or something? Are the pieces used or brand new?

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Add it up: (1) 25 mil Ams need full-time work. (2) Am's infrastructure falling apart. (3) Ten-year T-bill at 2%. Borrow to rebuild America!

-This was recently posted on your twitter. In your mind, is borrowing the best (or only) way back to economic strength for the US economy?

-Do you think the deleveraging of the economy is a necessary evil? Do you think that historical GDP (pre 2008) was unsustainable? Do you think GDP is even something we should be looking at to measure the strength of our economy? It seems to me that basing success on GDP encourages inefficiencies in the economy. Do you agree?

Thank you. I wish there were more prominent economists willing to have dialog with us plebes.

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Have you ever tried psychedelics? In life or after your diagnoses? You have an inspiring outlook.

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I would like to hear your opinions on the large amount of advertising in your magazine featuring half naked women, fake weed "spice", and similarly "questionable" content? For me it really makes me not want to read your magazine, even if there is some good and applicable content.


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Their use for end of life care is being studied and those studies have produced exceptional results.