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When I joined (many years ago) a fellow recruit expressed similar views to the OP in a class on drugs. She was spoken to afterwards and advised that her views would need to change or she might find the work difficult. She resigned. It's a shame as she I'm sure she would have been a fantastic officer.

There are plenty of people in my force who think drugs should be decriminalised or legalised, including very high-ranking officers. Expressing those views publicly is usually career-ending, so people have to keep quiet.

I wouldn't use drugs if they were legal (I don't even drink), but I fully support legalisation/decriminalisation for personal use. Anything which enables us to target resources where they're needed most - catching the proper criminals in the drugs trade - and providing decent help for addicts has got to be better than the current situation.

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As a regular, I know I couldn't say what you said as I'd probably get binned for gross misconduct. Has anyone pulled you aside for a 'chat' yet?