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I live in Waco, how have I never heard about this? Glad you are out, hope your story gets a lot more traction.

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No questions, just wanted to say I love your work. The first book of yours that I read was "Kiln People." It screwed with my head in a completely new way...I went to sleep after reading a few chapters, and woke up in the morning, thinking "Ok, I've got this and that going today. I'm gonna need an ebony and 2 greens." Had to put it aside for several years before I could read it through. Anyway, thanks for doing the AMA!

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Geez, I am Indian (dot), and I use that all the freaking time because I got so tired of people asking "Oh, what tribe??" If I want to screw with their heads, I tell them I'm both...1/2 Indian, 1/16 Cherokee :D