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In the classified ad and the movie you state "I have only done this once before". Have you time traveled any more than those two times (any more since)? What was it like working with the DuPlass brothers?

I am an idiot, I was thinking of Safety Not Guaranteed. Your story is inspirational.

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Expense ratio 1.39%? Good grief. She's getting screwed with that fund...

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Let's not forget he was Amy and Sophie's dad on Veep also!

To wit:

I'll tell you why not, you shit sack Casanova. You have had sex with both of my daughters. I mean, have you no shame? Wait a minute, sweetie, I just figured it out. You know what it is? You want to fuck my wife, too, don't you?

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Any plans to do a Bosch Power Tools tie in with season 6?

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What are your thoughts on Bill Ackman's suggestion to give every child Birthright accounts to eventually compound to a million dollars by their retirement?

On a more humorous note: If you ever retire do you think you'll take up feuding with your neighbors ala Bill Gross?