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My dad is an extremely old school farmer in rural quebec. He is actually in the process of giving me a part of his land with a house on it. He built my sister another house next to this one with recycled materials so that all of his children may have a place to live. My dad is cool. He's facing cancer now god bless him for raising me in the country. I just wished it was in southern California and not icy Qu├ębec.

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I grew up in the country myself I had about 200 acres of fields and forests to play with. I miss those days....

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What were your hobbies as a child ?

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Hey Kevin ! I LOVE your music and as a fellow musician I was wondering : Which delay effects are you using on your voice ? Can't wait for the third LP !

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Hi, great work on the show ! Did Nic Pizzolatto was present on the set of TD ? would he and the director interact a lot while filming ?

EDIT: any info on season 2 you can share ?