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What can I, the average person, do to help the situation in N. Korea?

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How do you anticipate overcoming the problem of old 'set-in-their-ways' people running the government and being voted in? Unfortunately, the only thing I agree with you on is abolishing corporate money in politics. I would like you to be voted in though, simply for the change in age. I don't want to see more 75 year old people who have no idea how email works in politcs.

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What is your stance on the death penalty?

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Do you have a rudimentary level of skill with most orchestra instruments or do you know one or two specific instruments at an advanced level? I saw you mentioned piano and cello already. Do you conduct your pieces during the recording process or just write the score? Are you hiring?

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Is the practice currently controversial in South Africa itself or is it controversial to the USA. - Do people even care about it in SA, vs US groups that (yes are in the right) are highly vehement about animal abuse and welfare?