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1) Any thoughts on Panama President Varela's op-ed in the NYT today? Do you agree with the name Panama Papers or do you think they should be otherwise branded? Is Panama working to improve?

2) Any thoughts on reporting on Mossack Fonseca's competitors? They are only one of a dozen important firms in Panama doing this sort of work. Is the standard take you hear that they are the worst in terms of the sorts of clients identified? The best? Average?

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I follow you on Twitter and you're pretty tough on the UN and MINUSTAH (often rightfully so, particularly on the cholera issue).

Is there anything positive they do? Is there something they should be doing that they're not?

I hear some activists call for the UN to leave, but it seems that if there are several thousand peacekeepers on the ground (most from Brazil, Chile and Uruguay), there must be something productive they could be doing other than leaving.