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That's certainly true for me, because it's just so incomprehensible to me.

I wasn't raised religiously, so I can honestly say that I have never believed in the existence of a god, I never even seriously considered it, I've never come across a convincing reason to do so.

Which makes it all very interesting to me, I always try my best to place myself in other people's shoes, to try to see things from their point of view, but it's very hard for me to do so when it comes to religion, which makes it a very interesting (and frustrating) topic.

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How do you defend the idea of human sacrifice, of one man being tortured and killed to make up for the sins of other people, which Christianity is built upon?

Likewise, how do you defend the idea that someone should be punished for the crimes of their ancestors? Also a concept that is very prevalent in the bible.

Besides the lack of any convincing evidence, this has always been my biggest problem with Christianity, the morals of it all just seem completely nonsensical and unfair, I can't imagine a just and wise god coming up with any of it.

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The Wonder Woman trailer.

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There is really no good answer to that question, except for the one that she already gave...

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Rollo invited more norsemen to join him the last time that we saw him didn't he? So in the show there will probably be more norsemen as well.