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Thank you for that. As the mom of a kiddo with cleft lip and palate, no family history, had prenatal care, and normal pregnancy, I still wonder why. I reread my pregnancy journals to find some sort of cause. (We were trying to conceive which is why I had journals). I’ve just come to accept that we likely will never know what caused it. People often ask me if we had a family history. And when he was a baby I often wondered if people thought I caused it because of something I did or didn’t do during pregnancy.

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Thanks! He’s 9 now, super smart, and such a neat kid. I would not have wished for him to have to go through all the surgeries, but he’s such a trooper about it all. He’s definitely a special kiddo.

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Great info. We are done with kids but I imagine it’ll be something he may want to explore someday. Thank you.

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Are you saying Pynn? Is that was 2 n’s?