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I heard this coment...

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Do you know by chance if it's the carcinogens or the nicotine? my mom has a whole slew of autoimmune and arthritis disorders smoked for most of her life( still does, me and my brother have been trying to find her a vape she would use to ween her off)recently found out that her cousin actually had all the same disorders as her so we're thinking it came down the family line on her moms side, and I started showing symptoms of arthritis or carpal tunnel in my hands and wrists about a year ago but haven't been able to get checked out yet. I've been smoking cigarettes for about 10 years and just switched to a vape, but should i start trying to ween my self off to help slow things?

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Oh god, i feel like i remember that/there is a good chance i have a copy on my dad's back up drive, back home. Wow, that was a fun flash back. I loved digging through Year Zero's puzzles and storys. Thank you

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How much networking would you say was involved in finding a solid position? This is a field I've been thinking about going into for a very long time, also been contemplating doing the Tom savini School of SFX, but I worry about putting in a lot of effort into the work and not putting enough effort into the networking necessary to land a job which I'm not as good at. Super appreciate any response.