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So, usually, what are the reasons parole is revoked? (Particularly for repeat felons/addicts who are clearly not making an effort to comply with felony parole.) I ask because I've never been in trouble with the law, but someone I know is, and I'm wondering how bad she has to get before they put her back in jail. She's a drug felon and honestly jail is the best place for her. Shes been out 2 months. She is homeless, often high, and and is pretty quickly going back to her old ways. Her PO doesn't seam to care what shes doing. Examples include smoking weed, doing meth, leaving the state, not staying where she was paroled out to, not having a job, and not paying child support. What does she have to do to have her parole revoked? Is it subject to the 'opinion' of the PO?