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that escalated quickly

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Don't run!! Remember to limp

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How are the drugs brought in? I have heard that most of the contraband that comes into prisons is brought in by guards. Is this true? If it is can you please elaborate on the topic? Such as how a guard would be bribed or intimidated into doing these types of favors.

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Sir/mam, as a libertarian I have a belief in the survival of the fittest. I see things in a very social Darwinism mentality, but your story has had a significant impact on my opinion. You sir/mam are a great person. To hear that there is success from social programs really makes me rethink my stance. I would sacrifice on a scale from 10/1 to know that it would be going towards helping those who want to help themselves. You are an inspiration to the disadvantaged.

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What was you closest call you had to serious danger?