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I love your work! What's your love for marching band drums stem from?

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Hello! Something like psychadelic research for PTSD sounds great, but how do you hope to get funding? As much science and data there is to prove it actually does help, I really dont see there being a large political movement in support of it. Curious how you all hope to overcome the legal complications as well.

Also there's a great podcast called Reply All where one of the hosts microdosed LSD for a week at work. It was fascinating and might help pass some time on your run (if you listen to anything while you run). https://www.gimletmedia.com/reply-all/44-shine-on-you-crazy-goldman

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Thanks! While I certainly agree an extent about being pro military/anti drug, Big Pharmas lobbying powers are no joke. They'll do anything to keep prescribing the pills they're already producing. Something like prescription hallucinogens would require a significant infrastructure overhaul that I just dont see Pharma wanting to pay for.

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Thanks man!