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blazin14146 karma

Thanks for doing this!

1) Do you think 5G could push NBN to lower their CVC prices if they see people start moving over to 5G for theoretical faster speeds than the 100/40 plans that are currently the only feasible speeds now due to speeds?

2) will we ever see faster than 100/40 any time soon at a reasonable price, I would be willing to pay $150 a month for 1000/400 what would need to happen for it to come in at that price point? anymore would be a bit too much for our household haha.

3) Are you guys still trying to fix twitch streams for people in WA because it is still really screwy and buffers even at lower bitrates.

4) Do you plan to support gamers on the network and help improve and optimize the network to the big gaming servers to help with ping/packet loss, because gaming is a pretty big thing haha and it helps a LOT.