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hey u/Aljazeera-English you're not slick, you think we don't notice all these brand new accounts asking you about anything other than slavery?

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Aren't the vast majority of mass shootings in this country related to domestic disputes or gang-violence? Aren't they also for the most part spontaneous and unplanned? If that's the case, why are you seemingly not focused on the bigger issues?

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you'd think it would, considering how many people only use it to shamelessly promote themselves/rehabilitate the international reputation of Qatar as the oppressive shithole slave state that it is

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lol, al jazeera creating fake accounts to distract people from qatar's human rights abuses is better than people pretending to care about slaves dying? ok, dumbass, whatever you say 😂😂

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Those videos are a ROUGH watch, there was one of a guy just bashing a cow in the face with a hammer with a casual psychotic malice, I feel physically ill thinking about it.