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Hey man. HUGE fan. I've got a few questions.

1. At what point during your Youtube career was your mind blown by all the publicity. I mean did you ever think EVER that you'd end up a HUGE youtuber?

2. Was it hard for you to record face-speaking videos (basically where you just talk about stuff) did you have to do a bunch of outtakes until you got it right or was it very fluid for you?

3. How Productive is it to be an Amazon Affiliate?

4. When and how did you meet the rest of the boys like: Austin Evans, Unbox Therapy, Linus, and Jonathan Morrison from---- Teedle-dee :)))) I love saying it like that Teedle-dee(tld)

anyway, love your vids. keep up the good work!

blastinmypants1 karma

There is a 1 state solution that's run by israel. Unless you mean the other which i answer you with a question: How do you expect palestinians to run a country when the can barely control gaza...