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blahism11 karma

When will the rest of the platform sync options become available? The browser seems super stable, but would love to have all sync options enabled soon!

blahism8 karma

Will we see more extensions in the store soon? I believe if you want to show adoption and support that the extension marketplace should be growing by leaps & bounds rather than showing what Edge has always had.

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Yup, I use a Mac, Surface Pro, iPhone and a Desktop and I'd love for my extensions, history, settings to be replicated.

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This is about the new Chromium-based Edge, not the classic IE/Edge https://www.microsoftedgeinsider.com/en-us/

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Windows RT & Windows Phone are apparently managed by System Center 2012 and Windows InTune - which makes sense since these are really "BYOD" devices - bring your own device. Surface Pro will have the whole shebang (and still do System Center 2012/InTune management)