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I'll vote for shit on a stick before I vote for him. He does not represent Kentucky anymore. However, freshmen senators have very little power, so the main platform any person would run on is that they think they can defeat McConnell.

As a voter, how is your approach any different from Amy's? Freshmen senators don't have much power so the second question is how good are you at compromising and building allies on both sides of the aisle so when you do have power you use it to get work done? How will you break up the gridlock?

But all that is moot if you can't defeat McConnell. What's different between you and Amy?

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Being from Kentucky I would think you're more worried about representing me instead of the country since that is a major flaw in McConnell 😔

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Amy grew up in Kentucky living in the Covington area. She taught HS in Cincinnati, close to Kentucky. She went to college at UK. Her time away was while in the service

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That anyone outside of Kentucky should even be a part of this conversation is what belittles the voter. Being a citizen of Kentucky, however, I've never heard of this guy, so take him with a grain of salt