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There's is SO much cheap private land in Canada. It's definitely the permits and access that is a killer from my research. We are thinking about getting a cabin somewhere in BC, but will wait for citizenship next year else the foreign owners tax will sting hard even with PR. Very cool man! You only get one life!

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Yeah! When I worked at a local store in Vancouver I used to chat to this guy who lived on his boat and he'd spend summers growing crops on a friend's land on the island then the rest of the year he'd live on his boat in Vancouver and grab whatever work he could (building sites kinda stuff I think). Interesting fellow. But takes a toll a once you reach a certain age I reckon...

I don't know anything about boats and my partner threw up last time we went whale watching so I don't think it's for us haha

But there's land aboot!

We are in a huge comfort zone right now in our very cheap downtown apartment with walking distance to pretty great jobs in our industries which wouldn't translate to moving away very well right now. But we have decent money coming in. So a cabin is a compromise. It's either that or one of those horrendous condos... Not my jam!

Nothing set in stone. Just saving and thinking.

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Yeah exactly! There's plenty of land options within the 6hrs kinda range which for us is a pretty easy weekend drive (grew up in Australia where everything is far apart!). The closer you get to a city the worse the red tape. We'll just keep an eye out and get those savings rolling :)

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Always wondered who the fuck gave the green light on marketing the sugar glider to North America as a sugar bear, friendly pocket pet? I would like to punch them in the face.