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Hey Mary! I'm a female collegiate runner for a D1 university so it's been awesome watching you the past year and seeing the positive attention you bring to our wonderful sport. Also, I love your Flotrack interviews; you're such a sweetheart!
So I'm curious if you have any running superstitions leading up to a race about what food you eat, lucky socks, etc. I love hearing the quirky things runners tend to do for a "good" race, haha.
Well good luck at the mile this weekend! I'm also racing the mile at the Spire Invite in Geneva, OH so I'll be thinking of you!

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I hope you have at least 37 different hair ribbons. :)

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Haha I was thinking the same thing! Thank you guys so much for your input! I really appreciate it and it's a huge confidence booster to hear this. :)

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Hey guys! I'm a huge fan so I really appreciate any advice you have :)

So I am a female redshirt-junior at a D1 university. I plan on returning next year to finish out my eligibility in cross/indoor/outdoor. As you can tell by 3 redshirts, I have struggled with injuries in the past but we got a new coach this past year and I've been able to remain healthy for almost a year now! I made a huge jump in my training and PRs and I think I am just on the brink of running even faster. I have a 4:39 mile (indoor) and a 16:11 5k (outdoor). I am confident I can go even faster within the next year.
So my question is how do I go about attempting a professional career when I am done with college running next spring? Or if I have any chance at all? I know I can so sub 16 and drop my mile PR, as well as my times in distances in between.
Thank you for any help and good luck in the rest of your season!