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He is NOT wrong. Tesla's AP is Level 2. At Level 3 you can watch a movie, play games, read a book and not pay attention or look at a road. At level 3, the system also doesn't immediately disengage and gives you ~10 seconds. AP requires you to PAY ATTENTION at all times and failure to do so will lead to your decapitation/death as have already happened multiple times.

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  • Does your in-car compute hardware consist of TPU/Edge TPU?
  • Do you currently perform any 'Waymo Engineering', 'Experimental' or more advanced future software tests that consists of driving with no Lidar-type HD mapping in a city?

    Thanks again.

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This question is to Satish or any of you that can provide an answer.

  • Are there any plans on replacing current short range Lidars on the cars with solid state Lidars in the foreseeable future (within 2-3 years)?
  • When do you think solid state lidar tech in general will be reliable enough to handle the needs of the autonomous driving industry?

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Read the actual 30+ page SAE document