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Dear Chris, I'm a big fan of your show and have contributed to your kickstarter project. My one and only question is this: A lot of the power and appeal of To Catch A Predator is in how it candidly captures reality. We get to see these men's innermost desires, fetishes, and then we get to see them live out possibly the worst moments in their lives. How do you feel about this aspect of the show, which I believe is separate from the mission driven purpose of bringing predators to justice?

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That seems to contradict the most prominent Republican: Donald Trump who famously started his presidency by lying about his inauguration attendance. Not trying to pick a political fight mind you, but the whole “personal lies” thing doesn’t seem to apply there.

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Have you done any research on consumer profiles based on political leanings? Do conservatives or liberals have different buying habits? In general, what are some of the best insights you’ve found in your research?