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AAAHHHHHH! Thank you for responding! You just turned a sardonic, skeptical person who would never have paid this another bit of attention into someone who is going to buy your book. Thanks again!

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What would happen if you do not take part in any of the hypothetical scenarios you've presented? Oh, wait, don't tell me- you die. Correct? So I guess that's it, right? Run marathons and live on the strictest, healthiest diet imaginable and then you die or do a lot of coke and eat cheeseburgers and then you die. Cool, thanks!

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What kind of music are you into?

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That's cool, and seriously not weird at all. My brothers are 14 and 18 years older than me, so I get it lol. And the new bands listen to the old bands, otherwise they wouldn't have been inspired to do it. Here's some cool old songs by a cool old 70s-80s band, I hope you like them-



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This is fantastic. I had never heard of your service until just now. Your idea is brilliant and your business is doing a lot of good for people. I can search and answer emails- What do I have to do to get a job working for you? Totally serious! Hit me up man, I love your idea!