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Would it be possible (and desirable if possible) to implement OpenGL on top of Vulkan, so that we get a vendor neutral OpenGL implementation that can be used by any driver that supports Vulkan? For me that sounds better than having good, bad and mediocre implementations of OpenGL across vendors that have to be maintained and fixed per vendor .

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Will Vulkan be able to use the VRAM of both cards in a multi GPU system? Could NVIDIA and AMD cards work together making SLI/Crossfire obsolete?

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so I heard you guys wrote the Linux Intel Vulkan driver. How many source lines of code approx. is the userland implementation of that?

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How would SDL need to adapt to Vulkan? Will the be a VKUT (Vulkan Utility Library) just like we have GLUT?

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Khronos said that it will be this year. If they think they need another month to get it right they will delay the release another month. There is no timeframe.