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When you meet people, don't make them liking you your goal. Make letting them see the real you your goal.

I've had my share of partners but to be honest that last sentence is my weakness. I have trust issues, I'm paranoid and I lie a lot to people I just meet, especially throwaway partners from tinder and such. Nobody at work even knows the "real" me. I've grown apart from many of my closer friends growing up and I'm much better at faking it.

Yes, I know I have issues and I plan to work those out, just felt like sharing because this conversation sparked a thought.

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Basically warning guys not to turn into a "nice guy"

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Do all of you disclose to your partner every time before you have sex?

If you’re all in committed relationships, did you all disclose beforehand?

I know personally, I may be willing if I really connected, but it would be on my mind as to protect myself appropriately. I don’t believe the part about her husband not thinking about it at all.

It’s just rational to either 1. Protect yourself or 2. Accept that you may get it, I can’t imagine simply not thinking about it at all.

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I would actually respect the hell out of someone who is that informed and is willing to inform someone else about it in that matter. That’s very mature, straight forward and thorough which is actually kinda hard to find. If she’s like that with this, I’d imagine that she would be mature in other aspects

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Funny, this reminds me of something unrelated but similar tale.

So I’m an uncircumcised American, not to sound like I’m declaring an identity (lol), but that matters because most American boys are circumcised at birth as tradition. And growing up I was ashamed a bit because my big brother actually was circumcised, and that’s how I knew the difference. So anyway fast forward to freshmen sex Ed and the topic came up and I overheard some girls giggling in the back of the class talking about how’d they’d never do a guy that wasn’t circumcised. So that line exacerbated the shame. But anyway fast forward again to my adult life and I’ve never been rejected, so I gained more confidence. And to add to that, the anti-circumcision movement started so now I consider myself kinda lucky sometimes. Some girls are curious or clueless but I just inform them to pull back the turtleneck and we’re good to go.

Not to say being uncircumcised is anything like having an STI but stigmas can kinda fade away in private as opposed to people declaring “I would never!” In public.