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I am a donor widower. I just got a letter two days ago from the recipient - a man who can now see again thanks to my wife’s generous donations. He is expecting his first grand baby and he is so excited he will be able to see her.

I am keeping his letter and will be showing it to our boys when they’re old enough to understand.

Honestly I have never signed up for organ donation. But apparently my wife had done so 5 different times. And now that I have have seen just how much impact it has I’ll be signing up for organ donation too.

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Thanks - the letter has helped a lot. And brought on tears for many in my family. I plan to write back and hope to be able to maintain contact with the recipient and his family. I think knowing him will be therapeutic.

Yes - I see now how important organ donation is. In your case - it’s the gift of life. I’d have given anything to give my wife more time. And that’s why I have to be an organ donor...everyone else should too.

Thank you for bringing awareness to this issue!