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Thing is, the previous rover didn't sing or have a speaker to play music. The engineers found out what noises all the tools make, and then put them in a sequence that came out sounding like the song. Which is even cooler.

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Santa is real, he just sometimes has one eye and goes by the name Odin.

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Ah. I'm in Canada. We have: hot, cold, colder, maybe spring, construction, and maybe summer.

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Do you have any trouble with people seeing it as dumb or 'evil'?

Friend of mine used to run a game after school for some students in junior high. Best thing ever. Skills for math, socialization, reading- all in a fun environment.

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How is the car in the cold? I live in western Canada, and it can easily get cold enough here make diesel engines useless (without a block heater), and some days my gas vehicle doesn't like starting, even with a block heater. And then, there is keeping the windshield clear and the interior heated.