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That is a great question that I would love to see answered and that I am unwilling to research, myself.

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Not necessarily a sham, just maybe a bit opimistic and undeveloped. Give the dude a chance to explain himself.

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While snowball works well psychologically, it is not the mathematically correct way of paying off loans. The best way is to pay the highest interest rate loan first, or whichever loan is accruing the most interest.

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I'm not sure that I understand. Isn't the footage a factual representation of what happened? Reviewing the footage will only display the reality of the situation, which would therefore lead to a more truthful report.

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Dude, you just know that's how some people must have done it back when that music was cutting edge. Like you hear stories about people fainting or some shit because the music was intense? thatswhatimtalkinbout.jpg