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Been a big fan for a while! I’ve watched all three seasons of moving art and have told numerous people about it, love your work! When did you get started in cinematography? Do you have any tips? I have been in photography for a little bit now and would like to take a stab at making short 3 minuteish videos that are inspired by moving art. Im taking a trip in a couple weekends to New Hampshire for fall foliage and this will be my first attempt. Do you have any advice on video limitations as well? My camera only shoots up to 60fps unfortunately.

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Is there a common link between increase in violence seen in a civilization and a soon thereafter downfall? If so, would you say that any current civilizations are demonstrating similar tendencies?

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Do you feel like a badass now? Im from Baltimore so naturally this just sounds really lame. I met a man who had been shot 22 times.