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The sets rested between him.

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I hope you invoiced all of it.

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Are you 100% sure that was a fire station?

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All this time and Americans just had to ask for healthcare to be covered.

I’ll be damned.

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So, all that said, why are Russ' videos so bad?

I'm a professional filmmaker as well, and I couldn't find anything that I could remotely finish while clicking through his enormous youtube channel. Everything is 40min+, filmed gonzo style and lacks any sense of story. If I was a potential customer trying to see an overview of what the Manor is, I'd still have no goddamn idea what was going on. Your trailer is the first McKamey Manor content I've seen that makes sense.

Does he have a method behind the way he presents his videos, or is he just shooting a ton of footage and then uploading 90% of it? What were his concerns regarding your footage and the way you'd present his haunt?