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Is today the best day of your life?

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Do you have a trampoline, or a pool? Consider consulting an attorney to draft you a release of liability that people have to sign before using your amenities that includes a list of "rules" like no running, etc. And go over the list with everyone before having them sign it. Hell, if you're having a big party, video tape yourself giving a speech to everyone with all the rules before festivities begin.

Does/Would anyone really do this?

I really don’t want to live in a world where this is necessary

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But who the hell needs to buy 50-60lbs of ground beef. How do you even have that much space in your freezer.

Man I remember my grandmother buying that much when there was a good sale. She kept an extra freezer in the basement that was full of frozen meat and Italian bread.

It stays good for a long time frozen.

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If I was invited to a party and he host made me sign a waiver, or made me listen to an orientation speech before going in he pool I’d leave.

Sometimes being prudent and being practical don’t fit.

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Man, the soul society arch is one of my favorite seasons of any anime. So good.