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You can never have too much Iroh.

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I just rewatched it, it actually introduces the characters in a fantasy style voiceover. You can get by on the intros and knowing their general sterotype:

  • "Jeff the liar" is a selfish, fast talking lawyer
  • "Annie the Dayplanner" is an anal-retentive, neurotic mess
  • "Troy the Obtuse" is a lovable idiot, basically a golden retriever in human form
  • "Shirley the Cloying" is both prude but sweet Christian mom and sassy black lady
  • "Abed the Undiagnosable" is on the autism spectrum and communicates almost solely through pop culture references.
  • "Britta the needlessly defiant" is an insufferable overly-progressive liberal
  • "Pierce the Insensitive/Pierce the Dickish/Grandpa the Flatulent" is an old, miserable, racist, sexist asshole.

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Yeah, like you said Chang is really the butt of the joke with the body paint and Shirley says "are we not gonna call out this hate crime?" so I don't know that removing it was really necessary. Especially since it's like pitch black paint and not even brown/black paint like blackface normally is.

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The episode is on Amazon.

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It's "has depression". No "a".