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I feel you. A bad skiing accident a few years back, landed me with a broken jaw and a "flayed rib cage" (straight line broken ribs all down my right side). I sneezed 8 days in.

Peed my pants. Not ashamed.

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I like you, Brian.

That's why I'm going to mention, based off the fact you calculated it out partially - the rest of it is: "so, 2 people, 14 gallons of water" each, you'd need 28 gallons total to support a two week safety net.

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"It feels odd but how do you live a lifetime in a few months?"

Just wanted to say, this brought tears to my eyes. Me and my wife have had multiple late term miscarriages (not in anyway a comparison, but I find grief is relative and perspective is reality) and your question brought something up some familiar shit, man.

Our son is three now, and I've come learn every day you can spend with your baby is a gift. I'd take the hurt and the pain and the shit for one day with them, every time. Every piece of your soul it carves away it replaces with memories that are twice as strong as your soul ever was. Doesn't make it fair or right, and everyone will try to relate (grief is relative, right?), but if you can put the blinders on and focus... You can make a month feel like a lifetime. It will be for you.

Best wishes.

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Have you tried VR yet? I would think that mirror touch synesthesia would make VR like 5 levels of awesome.

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No; thank you, for being a superhero.