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Have you ever had to investigate a child homicide? I recently watched a program about how people were being wrongly accused of child homicide because of how difficult it is to keep emotions out of the case, on the part of the autopsy performer.Even if you haven't performed one, what are your thoughts?

edit; to sound less creepy...

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it's like a restoration of innocence.

Words can not convey the power of sorrow that comes with this statement. I am glad there is someone to do this... and that this person realizes the importance. Thank you.

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Dale Murphy is the hippest retired baseball player in the word. Who knew? I wonder who would be more stoked, Dale Murphy, about getting to see Wilco, or Jeff Tweedy, about getting to play for Dale Murphy.

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What do you want to do for a living?

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My unplugged list:

  1. Eric Clapton (He started it all gotta give him props)

  2. Nirvana (The Lead Belly cover at the end pushes it to number 2)

  3. AIC (Tough competition for number two but it wasn't that much of a jump from Jar of Flies)

I would love to hear the opinion of others on this. Am I full of shit?