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In before some redditor goes on a rant how the universe doesn't care about "positive energy" and that Hollywood celebrities are hollow-headed hippies. Just reminding folks that Mr. Lundgren isn't just a muscular pretty face, dude has a Master's in chemical engineering and likely has wider perspective on this world than most of us ever will.

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Not to mention they could have used the money to ship it without incurring all those wear and tear miles. Rough road getting there, and less miles being useful once its received. Publicity stunt.

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Dammit boy, I already told you: when we're done making money from oil, we'll start funding this properly.

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Was super-symmetry disproved?

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There are many professionals like you that curate products and use their integrity as their main branding tool, until most of them eventually get bought by corporations and start paddling crap. Do you think there should be tougher laws to prevent that? I.e if a promoter is found to have been contracted by a corporation to sell their product, that "influencer" should serve jail time or pay a hefty fine?