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It won't break nearly often enough to fool anyone.

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If your content is free for users, then someone else is paying for it. CR is credibly independent because their funding comes from their subscribers and thus if they give something a bad review, they have no chance of losing income from the company that makes the product. How can you ensure your own independence from this type of implicit pressure?

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Link for the lazy: SUBSAFE. There are links in that article to the ones about Thresher and Scorpion, which include specifics on how those two were lost and what changes were made in sub design as a result.

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That was 8 years ago. I wonder if they've come to a decision yet...

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The round needs some time to build speed out of the barrel to increase lethality.

Just a note here: this isn't true. A bullet leaves the muzzle of a gun going as fast as it's ever going to go. It can only slow down once it leaves the muzzle, and will never speed up.