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How do you convince lawmakers such as Marsha Blackburn (from TN, to boot). that they're on the wrong side of the debate here? Do we re-frame municipal broadband as being 'pro-business?'

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My biggest fear about this story is that the public will brush it off with the reasoning 'they're Muslim, they deserve it.'. How do I counter this logic?

And sorta related, your article also mentioned Viet Dinh, who to my understanding was the primary author of PATRIOT (sensenbrenner was merely the bill's sponsor). Why have we heard so little from him?

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If you were put in charge of a 21st-century Church Committee who would you want on that committee to work with you? And why?

Also, what is your favorite Linux distribution?

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What would you do to fix the flaws of the existing postal system?

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How does one deal with encryption algorithms on a memory or processing-constrained system like a microcontroller?