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I come from /r/mma and I'm a big fan of your style, Mr. Le.

-Which fight would you say was your most impressive victory?

-Have you ever gotten into an altercation, at a bar or something, where your MMA training has come in handy?

-Which martial art do you think is the most under used in MMA that in your opinion could be effective?

-What did it feel like to knock out Rich Franklin and break my heart?

-What is your opinion about performance enhancing drugs?

-How do you feel about being the mentor for the first TUF China? Have you had a chance to see the Chinese TUF fighters in action? How do you think they will measure up against the current UFC roster?'

Your choices

-Benson VS Pettis 2 ?

-Jones VS Gustafsson ?

-St-Pierre VS Hendricks ?


-Weidman VS Silva 2 ?

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I think the beast got woke up.

I can't be the only one that felt goosebumps when I read this.