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bit_on_my_shalls22 karma

Everyone wants to know about the surgery, I want to know what you dreamt about while you were out for 20 hours. Ive never been put under and am scared stiff at the idea of it..

bit_on_my_shalls14 karma

I couldn't even make a shit account anyway, it's down from too much traffic I'm assuming.

bit_on_my_shalls1 karma

What were ypur life plans before you became a fighter/ martial artist ?

bit_on_my_shalls1 karma

Is your guilty pleasure still your prius?

bit_on_my_shalls1 karma

I grew up off rez, im the whitest native you'll ever meet with a status card, my mom would take us to pow wows and stuff on the rez as often as possible to be around native people. I grew up in North Bay Ontario. Have you ever been to North Bay?